My homeland is blue-eyed Belorussia, the land of lakes and forests, amazing nature and interesting personalities. 

I was born in Vitebsk-one of few towns which can be proud of it’s rich historical heritage as well as traditions which pass on from a generation to next. 

  Thousands years old Vitebsk is the town of artists and creative personalities. 

 Юдель Пен, Марк Шагал, Казимир Малевич, Илья Репин and many other were living and creating right here. Alexandre Pushkin had been visiting it too.

12 years of my life I had spent in France. I lived, worked and studied in Paris. 

Great paintings, vintage and old works have always inspired me. 

I have always dreamt of pursuing  my favorite passion-photography. I wanted to freeze the moment, to memorise the beauty of life. 

I am back to my homeland.  I continue being inspired by my passion, continue creating and would like to pass my immense satisfaction from it to my spectators.